What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

If you own a boat and plan on putting it in a body of water, you need boat insurance. You can find out more by contacting Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services in Cincinnati, OH. Our agents are friendly and eager to answer your questions.

Boat insurance is a valuable thing to have when you head out to put your boat in the water and enjoy a sunny day. You’re not thinking about anything except the sun and fun that’s about to be had.

The insurance covers several things, including damage to the boat, the motor, the trailer, and any personal items on the ship. It also protects the owner against any liability lawsuits and any medical payments.

Boat Coverage

If the boat is involved in an accident, the insurance will cover any damage to your boat or replace the boat if it is not repairable. What is not included in the insurance wreckage clean up, but you can purchase additional insurance to cover that. It’s a good idea to be prepared for a boat accident. If you don’t have insurance, prepare to pay a hefty price for someone to clean up the mess.

Property Damage Liability

If you accidentally hit the dock, another boat, or any other number of things at the marina, the repairs can be very costly. Why take the chance of draining your savings because of one simple expensive mistake?

Bodily Injury Liability

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that a great day on the lake will turn into a terrible or even tragic day. If you are involved in a boat collision, people are likely to get injured. The coverage covers medical/hospital bills, wages that are lost, pain and suffering, and legal fees if you are sued.

If you need boat insurance, call Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services in Cincinnati, OH to set up an appointment.

Who Pays If A Passenger in My Boat Is Injured?

In Cincinnati, OH, boat owners can turn to the reputable agents of Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services to learn how to protect themselves from financial loss if an accident occurs while they are out boating on nearby lakes and rivers. For as hard as you try to prevent them, boating mishaps do occur. It’s in your best interest as a boat owner to be prepared by having the proper insurance in place at all times. 

Where Does the Fault Lie?

If someone is injured in your boat, you will need to determine who is at fault if the injury is the result of an accident. In most cases, the injured person’s medical bills will be the responsibility of the person or persons who caused the accident. Unfortunately, there are boaters out there who may not have insurance on their watercraft. If this is the case, it will more than likely fall on your shoulders as the boat owner to pay for the person’s medical needs.

It Pays to Have Boat Insurance!

Having the proper amount of boat insurance in place can prevent you from experiencing significant financial loss. Many states require boat owners to carry insurance on their watercraft just like they do their car or motorcycle. You can find out what the requirements are by talking to your insurance agent.

The agents of Greater Cincinnati Insurance Agency are available to answer questions that Cincinnati, OH boat owners may have. If you want to make sure you have the right amount of boat insurance or want to have your policy reviewed, set up an appointment with an agent and have them go over your policy today!