Does motor home insurance cover car accidents?

Your motor home is for more than just having a place to call home on the road. Half of the adventure that comes from having an RV is wrapped up in the thrill of knowing that you can drive across the country without having to meet check-in times and other measures for room and board accommodations.

What happens, though, when your dream road trip vacation starting in Cincinnati, OH is interrupted by a car accident? You may need the agents at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services to help.

What type of insurance covers motor home accidents?

Traditional auto insurance does not cover RVs. The costs associated with repairs and instances of total loss make motor homes too much of a liability for regular auto indemnity companies. Such is the reason why you have to purchase motor home insurance for your RV in Cincinnati, OH. A good RV assurance plan covers accidents on the road as well as incidents that occur when the vehicle is parked. A comprehensive indemnity policy may even pay for damaged appliances caused by a fire.

Doesn’t home insurance work?

Homeowner’s insurance comes with the perk of covering vehicles damaged while on the premises. The assurance policy does not extend to accidents on the road.

Most state laws require all drivers, including those operating motor homes, to have at least liability insurance to cover property damage. You may wish to purchase full coverage, however, that pays if your RV is vandalized or stolen during one of your family road trips.

The agents at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services can help you understand the benefits of motor home insurance and the many ways a policy can protect your financial assets after a car accident. Call them today to get started with a quote!