What Changes Should Be Made To Your Auto Insurance While Your Adult Child Is Home From College?

When your college student visits for the holidays or summer break, it is a time to enjoy their company and to maybe even give in to nostalgia for the days when they lived at home. Remember though that there may be some considerations to keep in mind if they are driving your car during their visit home. At Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services, we serve families in and around Cincinnati, OH with quality insurance for any circumstance. 

Insurance Considerations For Your Adult Child Who Drives Your Car

A lot of people allow their adult children to continue to stay on their insurance for a while, as long as your child’s primary official residence is your address, even if they live at college most of the time, this is fine. In fact, it can save your child money as your premiums are likely lower than theirs. However, if you do not already have your child on your insurance for whatever reason, here is what you need to know for when they visit and drive your car. First, if your adult child has their own insurance policy, it should have third-party coverage which will protect them while they drive your car. Be sure the check the specifics of their actual policy to be sure they are protected though. If they do not have their own coverage, you should know that typically your car is insured, not the driver. However, if you give someone permission to drive your car and they get into a wreck, you are liable for their actions behind the wheel, and this could affect your insurance rates if they are in an accident. So in short, you will be protected as if it was you driving but also liable.

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