Why Are Certain Things Excluded from Home Insurance?

Home insurance covers a lot in Cincinnati, OH, including some surprising things, but there are some items and events it won’t cover and for a good reason. An agent at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services can help explain what is covered and not covered under a specific policy.

What is Excluded?

Not everything can be covered, and insurers have exclusions listed so they can stay away from covering various risks that they are not able to guarantee. Some risks aren’t insurable because they could affect many policyholders at once. An example of this would be war. If too many policyholders have the same claim, then the insurance company could not pay out. Some things are excluded from a policy because they are insured under another policy. For example, cars aren’t covered under a home insurance policy because there is separate auto coverage available. Some other risks can be excluded because the policyholder can control them. This could be things like damage to personal property that is caused by snow, ice, or rain.

A policyholder can take action to prevent their belongings from being damaged in these instances. Some risks shouldn’t be insured because they occur naturally. An example would be wear and tear. With proper maintenance, it’s possible to lower some of the wear and tear on items. Losses that are due to illegal activity won’t be covered. Insurance policies also won’t include events that are not accidental. The liability coverage of homeowners insurance won’t pay for any injuries that are inflicted on a third party on purpose. If this were the case, there would be plenty of claims and intentional harm. Some things are excluded from a normal home insurance policy but can be insured for an extra cost. Homes with pools, trampolines, or other risky items can get insurance at much higher premiums.

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