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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Ohio

Boating in Ohio is regulated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and State Parks & Watercraft Division. There are registration requirements, operator’s licensing, and safety requirements for boating. There is no legal requirement to have boat insurance; however, most people who own nice boats do carry insurance to protect the boat and themselves in the case of an accident.

Consult with your agent at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services, serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area, to insure your boat correctly.

Here are some considerations regarding boat insurance:

The Boat Owner is Responsible

If you are a boat owner, you are responsible for what happens with your boat. If your boat is involved in an accident that is your fault or the fault of someone you let drive your boat, you could be held to be the responsible party. Boat owners with a boat that washes onshore during bad weather and causes property damage are responsible for what happens. You can face a lawsuit for the damages if you do not pay for them.

Marinas May Require Insurance

Some marinas may require a boat owner to carry boat insurance if he or she wants to dock a boat there. If you live on your boat, you will want to have an insurance policy that covers the value of your personal property as well as the boat itself.

Home Owner’s Insurance Does Not Cover Boats

Many make the wrong assumption that a boat is covered by home insurance. Usually, homeowner’s insurance does not protect a boat or provides only minimal coverage, subject to a low limit, even when a boat is parked in a garage. Ask your agent to conduct an insurance review of your existing home insurance policy if you are not sure.

Recreational Watercraft Insurance

Recreational watercraft, such as a Wave Runner or a Jet ski, need special insurance coverage for the craft and for the people who use them. This will be similar to an auto insurance policy.

Things to Check

Work with your insurance agent to make sure all boats and watercraft are covered when they are both in and out of the water and while in transport. Be sure to get adequate coverage for the cost of any boat trailers too. Make sure there is sufficient coverage if someone is injured or dies from an accident involving your boat. Make sure there is coverage for damages caused if a boat washes onshore in bad weather.

If you plan to use recreational watercraft, also have your agent review your life insurance policies for restrictions as there may be an exclusion from the coverage of certain activities that are stated in your life insurance policy.

Call us or come to the office for a visit to discuss boat insurance coverage with your agent at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services in Cincinnati, OH. We will make sure you understand all the options available and have adequate boat and watercraft insurance protection.

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