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Classic Car Insurance in Ohio

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

Unlike conventional car insurance, classic car insurance in Cincinnati, OH will cover your car at a value that is agreed upon between you and the insurance company. This value is often based on the worth of the car by using guides, such as an appraisal by a professional or research conducted by the underwriters and has some documentation. Unlike regular vehicles that depreciate rather quickly, classic cars will increase in value if they are restored or well cared for, which makes this insurance coverage different.

Does Your Car Qualify?

In order to qualify for classic car insurance in Ohio, your vehicle has to meet some requirements. Your car can’t be used for daily driving, but it’s usually okay if you take your collector vehicle to functions, organized meets and tours, and sometimes even occasional driving. Your vehicle needs to be kept in an enclosed structure that is private when it is not being used. Some of these examples can include a private residential garage or a rental storage unit. Some companies will require that household members that have a valid driver’s license must also have a regular use driving vehicle in order to get this insurance.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Insurance will work similarly to traditional auto insurance, and you can get coverage for comprehensive and collision damages. An agent at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services can help you find the coverage for how you use your classic car. You must have the Ohio mandated requirements for driving, but you will want additional insurance to protect your investment. You can also get roadside assistance to include towing with a flatbed tow truck. There is an auto show medical reimbursement, in case someone gets an injury at an event featuring your car. There is also a policy that provides coverage for your car while you are away from your vehicle if it is being displayed at a car show.

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