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Commercial Insurance in Ohio

All businesses operating in the state of Ohio need commercial insurance coverage. Commercial insurance is a broad category of insurance that includes many types of coverage to protect your business from the complexities it may face during daily operations.

Commercial Insurance for the Ohio Business

Due to the complexities, it is essential to work closely with your agent at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services, serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area, to get commercial insurance coverage that is adequate for your needs.

Here is a brief explanation of the types of commercial insurance available:

Worker’s Compensation

Every business in Ohio that employs a worker must, by law, have worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance provides protection for the worker if injured on-the-job and provides a benefit to the surviving family members if an on-the-job accident causes a death. Having worker’s compensation insurance prevents the employer from being sued for an on-the-job accident or death unless the employer’s negligence caused the accident.

Property and Casualty Insurance

This insurance protects the property and equipment owned by the business. It is crucial for companies that use machines on premise to complete daily activities.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This protects any vehicles operated or used by the business. This includes liability protection, comprehensive, and collision. If you deliver goods, this is required by law for your business.

General Liability

America is a very litigious society. Almost all businesses operating in the USA will face a lawsuit at some time. This insurance offers general protection against this liability.

Professional Liability

Any professional that is required to have a state license also needs to have professional liability insurance. There is malpractice insurance for healthcare professionals and Error & Omissions insurance for financial advisors. There is also coverage for personal care professionals such as beauticians, cosmetologists, salon operators, and massage therapists.

Product Liability

This protection covers the products made, distributed, or sold by the business. This type of policy is essential for those who have inventories on site.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance provides financial assistance if a business is prevented from continuing normal operations due to such things as a natural disaster or circumstances beyond the control of the business.

Key Person Life Insurance

This life insurance protects a company that relies heavily on the efforts of a key person(s) for its successful operations. This can be a CEO, an engineer, a GM, or various other key positions within a company.


Bonding is a type of insurance coverage that guarantees a particular performance or project completion and protects against criminal losses. It is frequently used in the construction and financial services industries.

Special Needs Coverage

Businesses that have unique circumstances, not mentioned here, are good candidates for special needs coverage. Examples include cybersecurity, fraud protection, and terrorist coverage. Discuss any unique characteristics of your business with your insurance agent to get adequate coverage.

Call us or come to the office for a visit to discuss commercial insurance coverage with your agent at Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services in Cincinnati, OH. We will make sure you understand all the options available and have the commercial insurance protection that your business requires and needs.

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