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Renters Insurance in Ohio

Residents in Ohio, whether you are just starting out renting, or between homes, protecting your personal property is a responsibility that falls entirely on your shoulders. Insurance requirements for homes are only required at the owner level with a focus on structure, and those policies often leave no room or protection for the residents and their belongings living in the dwelling.

Disaster Strikes!

No one expects disaster and certainly do not want to experience one. Accidental tragedies like a structural failure and accidental fires can happen in any home or apartment you are renting. Older structures throughout Ohio face the potential of structural fails. Unfortunately, in Cincinnati, OH, landlord policies are not required to cover such disasters despite their accidental nature. Because of these structural fails and accidental fires, tragedy can develop at any time and in any form, decimating all of your belongings and leaving your family to start over. Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services located in Cincinnati, OH has the policy you need to protect your family when these situations strike. Your policy will include replacing each item covered, as well as assistance for temporary housing in the event that your home needs repair or is destroyed.


  • Belonging Coverage
  • Temporary Relocation Coverage

Having enough money to replace one or more wardrobes as well as furniture will add to a significant amount of money. For those with savings, this could essentially wipe that out. There are also the fees associated with relocation either to a temporary dwelling or having to find another location to rent with security deposits.

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Renters insurance can minimize the stress level of renting and allow peace of mind in the event of a disaster. Contact Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services today for your personalized Renters Insurance Policy.

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