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Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is a liability policy in Ohio, which means that its purpose is to compensate others for damages or injuries for which you are at fault. It’s not extra insurance to protect your car or the belongings in your house. Umbrella policies don’t work on their own for the most part. There are certain types of claims that would only be covered by an umbrella policy, but mostly umbrella insurance will kick in once the other liability policies you have, whether that’s home or auto, have been used up. If you have a limit of $100,000 on your auto policy but you get into an accident, and that person is awarded $250,000 worth of damages, then your umbrella policy will pay the remaining money.

Requirements for an Umbrella Policy

Since an umbrella policy kicks in after an existing policy has been exhausted, you are required to have auto and homeowners insurance policies already with Greater Cincinnati Insurance Services. You may be required to have certain liability limits already established for those policies before you can get an umbrella policy in Cincinnati, OH. You may be wondering if you could increase the coverage on those policies, but an umbrella policy is a more cost-effective option, and you can get additional personal injury coverage that isn’t available on other policies. These other claims include libel, slander, false arrest, and invasion of privacy.

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

It’s easy to go through life thinking that nothing bad will ever happen, but accidents are common in Ohio. Without umbrella insurance, your financial assets could be taken to pay for the damages after a lawsuit. Your assets can include your house, cars, investments, retirement funds, savings accounts, and future wages. If you think that because you are young you don’t have a lot of assets, think about your future wages. Your wages can be garnished until the judgment is paid.

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